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Alex {John Champe Class of 2018}

May 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Writing has never been my forte so I'm not sure how I'm going to adequately portray how I feel about this young man but here it goes. Alex is my first kid. He's the one who made me a mother at the age of 26. I was young, and thankfully so, because he had so much energy! He was a very busy toddler with incredible persistence; he certainly kept me on my toes! It's a miracle we ever had another after him ;). When Alex wanted to do something it was very difficult to stop him. Eventually, I learned to let him do what he wanted, but with as much safety measures as possible. Because, of course, most of the things he wanted to do were not exactly safe for him. But I learned that if I didn't let him do these things, it would stifle his love of learning, his creativity, and his incredible sense of curiosity.

He still has that love of learning and that curiosity...and I love that about him. He will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall (which, in actuality, is more like this summer!) to study engineering. This could not be more perfect for him...from his love of the school to his love of science and math. Virginia Tech has always been his number one pick. He's been going to Hokie football games with us since he was 5 years old. Every year becoming more and more comfortable with the school to the point where it began to feel like another home to him. He loves the culture at VT and I'm confident he'll be very happy there.

Me, on the other hand?...I'm hoping I'll somehow find the strength to focus more on how happy my son will be in his new home than on my own feelings of missing him terribly. 



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