Captured Photography, LLC | What To Expect

What To Expect


You've booked your photo session, yay! Now it's time to make the most of it! Here are some tips to help you do just that...

What To Wear:

First and foremost I tell clients to wear what they feel great in. If you feel great in your outfit it'll come through in your pictures. You also want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Coordinate the colors your family will be wearing. Try to stay away from a matchy-matchy theme where everyone is wearing the same patterns or exact same colors on top and bottom. This makes everyone look the same and makes it difficult for your personalities to come through in the pictures. What works best is if you work with a color palette where you choose 3 or 4 colors for the whole family. You can then find outfits for everyone within that color palette that coordinate and compliment each other.

  • Keep in mind where you would like these pictures to be displayed in your home. What color are the walls in that room and will your outfits go well with the color scheme of that room?

  • Try to stay away from any clothing with prominent logos. They can sometimes be distracting to the eye.

  • Make sure the clothing fits the kids. Children grow so fast so if this can be challenging but pants that are too short or sleeves that are too long (& can't be rolled up) can also be very distracting to the eye.


Prepping The Kids:

Let's face it, kids are usually not too thrilled about having their photos taken. My sessions are laid back and easy going for this very reason. If your kids are not looking straight at the camera and worries! I love candid shots and this is usually the best time to get them. Once the kids warm up a bit they become more willing to give those smiles (and the true natural ones). Here are some tips to help prepare them for our session:

  • Make sure they're well rested and well fed

  • Allow plenty of time for the kids to get ready

  • Bribery - I'm all for it when it comes to getting good photos ;). 

  • Feel free to stand behind me as I take pictures and make funny faces, dance, or sing to get genuine smiles out of your kids

  • Don't worry if not everyone is looking at the camera all the time...sometimes the best moments captured are of you interacting with your kids and that real genuine smile your child gives you will be captured forever!

  • Activities - a football, basketball, bubbles, etc are all great ways to capture those authentic moments and smiles


Newborn Sessions:

My newborn sessions are done with a photojournalistic style in your home with mostly natural light. I like to capture families with their newborn in a natural and relaxing setting. I'll ask to see the baby's nursery, family room, parents' room and any other rooms you feel would be good natural settings for our session. I'll photograph both of you and your new addition as well as Mom alone with the baby and then Dad alone with the baby. I'll also capture images of your new baby with any siblings he/she may have. And finally, I'll capture some images of your newborn by him/herself. The order of these images will depend on your baby and his/her schedule. If your baby is sleeping soon after I arrive then we'll start with the newborn portraits and then move to family pictures. There will be plenty of time for all these photos as well as feedings, diaper changes, burping, etc. I'll take those opportunities to photograph all the well thought out details of your baby's new world...the nursery, crib, bedding, special keepsakes, etc. To prepare for our session, please increase the temperature in your house to as close to 80 degrees as possible. I know this can be uncomfortable for Mom & Dad but your baby will be much more comfortable when doing his/her portrait shots. Also, if you want any photographs of your newborn in his/her "birthday suit" it's best to keep a loose diaper on him/her before I arrive so there aren't any creases on his/her skin. Also, try to keep your baby awake as much as possible the morning before our session. I try to schedule newborn sessions around 10am so you have time to get ready and so the baby has a full morning and will be ready for a nap by the time I arrive.


After Our Session:

A few days after our session I'll share some preview photos that I've edited to my blog page and include a link on my Facebook page. I'll then edit/retouch the rest of the images within 3 weeks and share the downloadable digital files with you via an online gallery. You'll have the ability to print your images wherever you'd like but I highly recommend a professional printer. My go-to printer is They print high-quality photos that will look just like the images I deliver to you digitally. The color, clarity, and sharpness of their prints are beautiful and they never fade, even in direct sunlight. Their rates are very reasonable too, especially for prints that are going to be displayed in your home. You invested a good deal in the photos, why not make sure the images are displayed in your home in the same high quality they were taken.